You like Mahjongg?
You like Alice in Wonderland?

Here you can get both at once

Above is a screenshot of the Yourjongg Game from Moraff's. This version is known as AliceJongg of course. Also available is a screenshot of the tileset when used with Morejongg

This version of Yourjongg is the Freeware version

Wonderland Tarot Version of Yourjongg 2.01 EXE (7.8M)
This is an older version with an installer program

Wonderland Tarot Version of Yourjongg 2.01 RAR (7.4M)
Same as above only RARed up

Wonderland Tarot Version of Yourjongg 2.01 ZIP (6.3M)
This is the program and tileset zipped up without the installer. Just unzip the files into a new directory run from there. Files were last updated 05-11-03

Only the tileset (with others that I made) if you already have Yourjongg or Morejongg

Note: After install you can change your game icon to the one included in the directory where you installed the game. Also you'll find in that directory the midi used on the Wonderland Tarot Home Page (Kate Bush - Cloudbusting, been asked why I picked that, don't know, it just "seemed" to fit).

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